Return of goods

What is the artflora refund policy?:

The artflora return policy is an analog of the law on protection of customers ' rights, which implies

the return of goods within a certain period of time for any reason:

the color, shape, smell and any other parameters agreed with the contractor or in the order do not match.

This refund is part of the artflora customer protection system.

If the customer received an order, but after inspection, they decided to return it, you need to use

a special form on the artflora website, opening a dispute on the desired position, or write to the specified address

there is an address for receiving claims in a free form statement indicating all the circumstances of the incident

and describe the reasons for the return, specify the amount of compensation, if there were additional costs

that are not directly related to the price of the product.

If a refund request is made, you will most likely need the appropriate proof.

Within five days, you will receive instructions from the seller: where and how to return the product. Then, as soon

as the seller receives the item, if it meets the refund conditions, you will get your money back.

Usually, the product after opening the original branded packaging can not be sold again and

can not be returned or exchanged. In any case, the agreement between the customer and the contractor plays a decisive role in the issue of returning goods

, since artflora is an online platform for posting information and

does not fully control the terms and conditions and private direct agreements between the customer and the contractor.

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