Many sellers on the "Artflora" marketplace are Dutch export companies with years of experience in the Dutch flower auction. Their warehouses are located in the auction building in the Netherlands. It is from there that they send cut flowers, indoor and garden plants, as well as decor items to all countries of the world through transport companies specializing in the delivery of flower products. Tens of thousands of flowers are sold at auction every day from more than eight thousand suppliers from the Netherlands, Kenya, Israel, Ethiopia, Ecuador, Germany, Turkey, Colombia and South America. It sells millions of plants and cut flowers from all over the world. The best-selling flowers are roses, lilies, gerberas, chrysanthemums and tulips. For example, the Flora Holland flower auction, the organizer of the auction and everything related to the auction, includes a full range of services: from the acceptance of goods from suppliers to the leasing of warehouse space to brokerage and trading companies. The main difference between a flower auction and a regular wholesale is the way in which the final price of a flower is determined. It is determined by the bidders. The main idea of this auction is that here the price of flowers is dictated by the market, and not by gardeners. For example, by the holiday of March 8, the price of a chrysanthemum can reach up to 1.5 euros, and in summer it can fall to 10 cents. Direct deliveries from a flower auction in Holland through authorized customers of the artflora marketplace are much cheaper than through wholesalers. In addition, the products are always of high quality and freshness. Since they deal with real-time purchases, they do not use price lists in their work. The entire range with prices in euros in Holland, with parameters and visual photographs can be viewed in real time at any time. Get access to the entire range of all auctions with real-time prices by signing an agreement with the artflora marketplace. Fill out the application and all information will be sent to your e-mail and to your personal account automatically.

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